Theme 6 Career-Long Professional Learning

Virtual Practicum – Developing Tasks

The second week of our four-week Virtual Practicum was designed to focus on developing tasks for learning. The week’s activities drew on and linked to previous work on curriculum and inclusion as part of the wider PGDE Primary programme and provided an opportunity for students to apply their new knowledge… Read More »Virtual Practicum – Developing Tasks

Developing a Digital Platform – literacy

Virtual Practicum 1 Planning and preparing a virtual placement experience, meant that we needed to consider the key aspects of teaching and learning and sequence this overtime. As such, the first week of our four-week Virtual Practicum was designed to focus on the development of a digital classroom. This was… Read More »Developing a Digital Platform – literacy

Connecting learners across a digital network

As a network of geographically dispersed colleges, UHI has an established blended learning framework that supports local access to Further and Higher Education, including Initial Teacher Education. We have undergraduate degrees in Gaelic and Home Economics Education (with an RMPS teaching degree in development), PGDE programmes in Primary, Secondary and… Read More »Connecting learners across a digital network

Developing a Virtual Practicum

While Covid-19 has presented Initial Teacher Education (ITE) with many challenges, it has also presented opportunities to develop our digital capabilities. A specific opportunity it presented at the University of Aberdeen came from a need to consider how our September school experience placement would take place for our Primary PGDE… Read More »Developing a Virtual Practicum