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The Place of the GTCS SPR

All teacher education programmes in Scotland are framed against the Professional Standard for Provisional Registration (SPR). The SPR specifies what is required from a student teacher as they progress through their initial teacher education experience.  

The National Framework for Digital Literacies in teacher education acknowledges the importance of the SPR and requires that all teacher education programmes ensure that references made to digital teaching, learning and culture are continually integrated into the ongoing learning discourse.  

What does the SPR say about the development of digital literacies? 

Professional Knowledge and Understanding 

2.1 Curriculum 

2.1.4 Have knowledge and understanding of contexts for learning to fulfil their responsibilities in literacy, numeracy, health and wellbeing and interdisciplinary learning 

  • Have knowledge and understanding of current guidance on the use of digital technologies in schools and know how to use digital technologies to enhance teaching and learning. 

Professional Skills and Abilities 

3.1 Teaching and Learning 

3.1.3 Employ a range of teaching strategies and resources to meet the needs and abilities of learners 

  • Demonstrate that they can select and use a wide variety of resources and teaching approaches, including digital technologies and outdoor learning opportunities. 

3.2 Classroom Organisation and Management 

3.2.1 Create a safe, caring and purposeful learning environment 

  • organise and manage classroom resources and digital technologies to support teaching and learning. 

It is also important that student teachers appreciate that section 1 of the SPR is of relevance to their professional thinking and actions in relation to the place of digital tools and spaces in their professional practice. The development of their Professional Values and Personal Commitment in this context of the development of digital literacies will allow student teachers to reflect on how concepts such as social justice is central to their professional thinking and actions as students and teachers. 

General Teaching Council of Scotland (2012) The Standards for Registration: mandatory requirements for Registration with the General Teaching Council for Scotland. Available at: (Accessed on 20th November 2018).