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The National Framework for Digital Literacies in Initial Teacher Education (ITE) in Scotland has been designed to ensure that all students who undertake undergraduate or postgraduate courses, across all ITE providers, are appropriately guided and supported about the place, purpose and pedagogy of digital tools and spaces in teaching and learning in 3-18 settings.
The Scottish Government through the Scottish Council of Deans of Education (SCDE), set up a Working Group to develop ‘The National Framework for Digital Literacies in Initial Teacher Education’.

Who is the Framework for?

  • Senior leaders with responsibility for Initial Teacher Education
  • Designers of teacher education programmes
  • Teacher educators
  • Student teachers
  • Student teacher mentors and regents

What does the Framework include?

  • Rationale behind the creation of the framework
  • Our definition of digital literacies
  • Suggestions for developing an effective digital learning culture
  • Importance of creating a permeative experience
  • Empowering learners
  • The digital literacies framework for ITE
  • The place of the Standards for Provisional Registration as maintained by the GTCS